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What Our Affiliates Have To Say...

"I recently purchased a Shapa numberless scale, and I absolutely love it. Every day, I open the app on my smartphone and step on the scale. In seconds, I have my color. No drama. No judgment. And now that I'm going through menopause, it's great to see that quick confirmation that I continue to maintain within my ideal weight range."
Gin Stephens
NY Times Bestselling Author
Host of the Intermittent Fasting Stories podcast
"Shapa is more than a scale. It's about a lifestyle change for the better. It prevents you from fixating on a number and puts the focus on small sustainable changes. Unlike a traditional scale, the color feedback system is forgiving and won't send you on a downward spiral after splurging on your nutrition for a day."
Ryan Smith
Personal Trainer
"Shapa is a game changer! As an experienced trainer, the scale has been the one tool in fitness with very little change over the years despite the emotional despair it causes so many people trying to create change. Shapa completely changed that and is the way of the future. My clients love Shapa and as an online trainer coaching hundreds of individuals, I love using the coaching portal to see all of my clients progress without them having to send me a thing!"
James Sheppard
Online Trainer
"The journey of weight loss is filled with ups and downs. The feeling of doing everything right only to step on a scale and be defeated is one of the worst. Without the distraction of a number, my clients are finally free to put their attention toward improving habits that ultimately lead to results."
Sharone Sapire

Benefits of Becoming a Shapa Affiliate

Earn commission

Affiliates receive a commission of 20% on all initial programs purchased utilizing their dedicated promo code

No Cost

It is free to become an affiliate

Help People build consistency

Our platform provides your followers with a daily ritual that keeps them engaged and focused on their health


We provide tools and updates to ensure you are empowered to be successful

Why Shapa

We believe in judgment-free sustainable behavior changes that create the happiest and healthiest versions of ourselves. Regardless of the weight loss program you advocate for, Shapa can help you build consistency and create lasting results. 

Influencers, Bloggers, & Health Advocates

Personal Trainers, Coaches & Clinicians

Frequently Asked Questions

Weight can greatly fluctuate from day to day based on several factors including hydration, sodium intake, medication, hormones, illness, and many other factors.Looking purely at data, if a program works, there will be a gradual trend downwards. People aren’t robots,and we are susceptible to loss aversion.   A person attempting to lose weight will feel about twice as demotivated from gaining a pound as the positive motivation they would receive from losing a pound, so every blimp that occurs is a potential reason for clients to lose faith and give up.

Even if clients weigh in weekly, there is the chance that weigh-in days fall on a day that is  higher than average.

Additionally, research supports that on average people who weigh themselves 6 or more days a week lose weight while those that do 1 day a week or less have no significant change.

This is often attributed to what is known as self-monitoring. By creating a habit of monitoring your health, your decisions for the remainder of the day will be influenced toward healthier decisions.

Absolutely not. Shapa is not meant to replace physicians, personal trainers, nutrition coaches, or any other experts in the health and fitness community. Shapa serves to complement these programs by providing them with tools to create daily accountability and behaviors without feeling overwhelmed or judged.

Costs can vary based on the program selected. To view the current offers Click Here

First and foremost, you get the opportunity to change somebody’s relationship with their health. We are at a critical junction in which society feels compelled to choose between extreme dieting and fanatical workout plans, or living an unhealthy life. By empowering them with the tools to be happy and healthy, you are changing their lives.

Additionally, we understand the challenges facing health and fitness professionals currently. We know the profound positive impact you can have on this world and want to ensure you are rewarded for that impact. Shapa pays a 20% commission to affiliates for each initial purchase.

Commissions will be paid out monthly. There is a one month buffer to ensure users do not refund their program. For that reason payments are paid out 2 months after the month it was purchased in. For example, all commissions from purchases made during the month of August will be paid out at the beginning of November. Commission rates are subject to change, but it will remain at 20% until further notice.

We do not include a free scale or subscription as a part of the affiliate program. We believe that Shapa delivers incredible value and want our affiliates to be raving fans because they love the product, not because they received something for free. You can however utilize your own discount code as a means of earning back your commission.

Each individual affiliate receives a customized code that customers enter upon purchase.

Yes. Shapa provides you with pictures, videos, and a sample script you can post to social media. You are welcome to create your own messaging that you think would best appeal to your target audience. However, it is important to ensure your messaging aligns with our Brand focus of judgment-free and sustainable behavior changes geared toward a happy and healthier life so if your message conflicts with our brand we may ask you to remove your message and potentially no longer be an affiliate with Shapa.

We believe in long-term sustainable behavior change and do not promote any specific diet (keto, vegan, IF, etc.) or highly restrictive programs. We certainly understand you may have a specific position on many of these topics and that could be a large aspect of your business. We view our brand is complementary to a variety of programs, so we simply ask that you do not identify Shapa as a tool specifically for any one exercise or diet program. For all social media posts, please tag us as well as using #Shapa.

Additionally, as becoming a part of the Shapa affiliate program, you authorize Shapa to use any content you create to promote Shapa for future marketing purposes. If for any reason, you are unsure about a post potentially conflicting with our philosophy, please contact our affiliate coordinator Clayton by email at Clayton@Shapa.Me. At any time if we feel a post conflicts with our Brand, we may ask you to remove the material. Participation as an affiliate with Shapa can be terminated at any point by Shapa.

For additional questions, concerns, or feedback please contact